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Published: 14th April 2011
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They are actually compensating you $1 for signing up as being a bonus.

So, what's all the fuzz about Microworkers which is regarded to offer legitimate work at home jobs to people who want to earn money? Is it another one of those GPT sites that you come across frequently? In some ways, it is. There is definitely compensation for every task that you performed and completed. These tasks can ordinarily be done in about three minutes or so.

It will not take long to join and you can begin looking for jobs after confirmation of your email address. In an hour or two, you might have done 20 tasks already and you can not take any more jobs for the meantime pending the review for the tasks that you submitted to various employers. This usually takes approximately seven days or less according to the reactions from among the employers. When your success rate reaches at least 75%, you can then resume taking additional tasks to improve your return.

With the withdrawal threshold established at $9, you will want a PIN code and input it into the site in order to receive your first payment. You will obtain the code sent to you by postal mail right away following your request to the initial withdrawal. Once you have the code, you should visit the web site and put it on record. You can now commence receiving payments when you request to get a withdrawal. You can decide to forward the amount to either Paypal, or Moneybookers, or Alertpay that happen to be all very respectable companies.

It was previously cited that the micro jobs being proposed usually are not hard which can be done in just a few minutes. The following are several samples of the tasks being requested from the workers:

setting up an account on Youtube

posting remarks on forums, blogs, or Yahoo Answers with links to the employer's website

linking to your blog/site

give quick positive reviews

posting an advert on Craigslist

subscribing to a Youtube channel

placing a vote

writing a short article

signing up to an online site

retweet a local business on Twitter

bookmarking a web page

Those are only samples and fresh tasks are added everyday.

Currently, I am still way off the withdrawal limit but I have obtained an 81% success rate already. Most of the tasks I submitted were rewarded aside from a couple and I can now undertake additional jobs. I look forward to the day when I could make my initial withdrawal and till it happens I cannot provide a truthful evaluation for the mean time.

It is quite difficult to get legitimate work at home jobs nowadays and if you would not have any problem performing numerous micro jobs and do not care earning quick bucks for a change, then this one is for you. For someone who has been around on this business for a while having done some projects at freelancer.com, I can state with honesty that the rates for jobs presented at Microworkers are not unreasonable for the straightforward reason that they are very simple to accomplish.

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